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Livigno tax free zone: all the benefits

Livigno a duty free paradise: shopping at the best prices

Livigno has been recognized as a tax free zone since ancient times, when the distance from the other centers and the poor communication routes made it a center completely isolated for much of the year. Notwithstanding that today, things have changed and Livigno is no longer isolate, it remains duty free, providing conditions that guarantee the exemption from the payment of certain taxes, such as, for example, the VAT.

That is why Livigno is a duty free paradise for all shopping enthusiasts, who can purchase while saving at least the VAT, which otherwise they would pay on the same goods purchased in Italy.

The savings in Livigno is guaranteed for all categories of product, from leather goods, to clothing, and high technology, but especially on alcohol and cigarettes. And one should not overlook the enormous saving on gasoline and diesel: therefore, we recommend that you contact our fuel distributor partner, Q8, and request the Mottolino Key for additional cost savings.

However, be careful because the duty-free shopping allowance is limited, and some goods are subject to fixed quantities, while others are subject to maximum value, beyond which these goods must be declared to customs when leaving Livigno.

Study the page regarding the customs allowances and consult the tables for the specific product group, to avoid making any mistakes, and then… enjoy shopping in Livigno and the fun shopping at La Galleria. Enjoy Livigno duty free shopping.

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